domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013



Hello Gema,
Thanks for your last email. It was lovely to read it. Sorry I haven´t written for a long time but I´ve been busy. I´m studying at university for a Primary Education Degree and it´s driving me crazy, I promise!

Well, I´m writing to tell you about my first year at college, my first term. I´m happy because I´m doing something that I really like but it´s very difficult for me to share my personal life, as a mother, with my college life. There is a lot of homework so I hardly ever have free time for me and my family. I´ve learnt several skills about children and it´s nice!. I hope I´ll pass all my exams, so I think I´ll have free time in summer. If you want, we´ll meet in Valencia. What do you think? We´ll have a good time.

That´s all for now. I promise I´ll write soon to keep in touch. Give my regards to your parents.
Best wishes,

Silvia Furió.


Nowadays the world of education is continuously changing and all of us are involved. One of the examples are modern methodologies. Not everybody thinks that modern methodologies are better than traditional methodologies.

On the one hand, modern methodologies make children more creative. They can work in groups to talk or do several activities. Furthermore children can discover their knowledge by themselves without books, without learning by heart. Consequently children enjoy themselves at the same time that they are studying and learning.

On the other hand, not all teachers know how to tech with that new line of methodologies. Moreover a lot of families think that if their children not have  books or homework, they will not learn, so they will not get to university. Most families and teachers think that children have to use theis memory because at university they will have to study a lot and they have to practise.

To sum up, I think modern methodologies are better than traditional methodologies. Education needs a big change and we need children to be interested in their education.

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